14-15 March 1999

a two day event at Diorama Arts, 34 Osnaburgh Street, London, NW1,
featuring artists whose poetry & performance negotiates the territory of location, site & the body.
14th March 2.30 pm David Gascoyne.
(First London reading since 1990. The great British surrealist of the 1930s, who enjoyed a tremendous revival of attention during the 1960s and has now become Britain's most loved elder statesperson of poetry.)
14th March 7.30 pm Aaron Williamson & Craig Athill. (Astill plays the deaf drum (bodhran) creating a sound which vibrates through an especially constructed stage, animating the balletic voice-body performance of Williamson, who is deaf.)

Bob Cobbing. (The celebrated sound/concrete poet/bookmaker, who has influenced generations of other poets across the world.)

Nicholas Johnson (performing The Lard Book, a gargantuan Visual Book in a silver case, a found text utilising a multitude of voices: neologism, German, concrete. "The performance encompasses determinacy of chance & will solder into a short collaborative debut of 'Hassell' (writers forum, 1999) with Bob Cobbing.")
15th March 7.30 pm Helen Macdonald (whose debut collection Safety Catch drew widespread acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. She works with falcons and hawks -- poems full of bird flight but mysteriously and musically so.)

Iain Sinclair (poet, 'intellectual best-seller' prose writer and film maker of renown and cult followings. His work in progress is a sequel to the 12 walks that became Lights Out for the Territory, and his poetry also acts as a reading of the city of London, "locations of the immediate and the unexpected".)

Douglas Oliver ("a rare London reading for this poet-explorer", says the flier, plus some.)