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BBC Greater London Radio (GLR) is at risk. The BBCs recent publication of a "South East Review" document states :

"We will refocus our radio service, GLR 94.9, to reflect and complement the new television service, offering increased interactivity. More consumer programmes, more debates on issues relevant to Londoners, advice on how to make the most out of London and offering you, the listener, the opportunity to discuss what's important to you. We'll bring you help and advice on everything from housing to education and jobs. And, importantly, we will be reflecting and celebrating the diversity of London's communities throughout our programming. Our station will continue to embrace and enhance the work of the Community Affairs Unit - the BBC's specialist team of African-Caribbean journalists, broadcasting throughout the UK.

It will continue to offer the best of local, UK and international news, together with our unrivalled travel service for London. In order the achieve all of this, we will scale down the amount of music that the station currently offers."

In other words, the BBC is looking to do the following with GLR :
From the proposals, it appears that the character of BBC GLR will be changed irrevocably, turning it into a talk channel, with the music content being reduced considerably.


What you can do

In the BBC "South East Review" document, the BBC states :

"The views of our license fee payers are very important to us. This document sets out our proposals for refocusing the BBC's television and radio services for London and the South East and we want to hear what you, the license fee payer, think about them."

So, let the BBC know what you think! Write to :

South East Review
Jane Mote
Room 617
Broadcasting House

Telephone : 08700 100 160
E-mail :
E-mail :

Telephone : 0171 224 2000
Fax : 0171 487 2908


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Subscribe to the "Save GLR" e-group
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