Press Release - 17 July 2001

Statue mystery solved

The mysterious statue, which appeared this weekend in a Gloucestershire field, has been claimed as a political statement by a local artist.

Commuters driving along the busy A38 between Gloucester and Tewkesbury on Friday night were astonished to see the six-foot tall figure looming from a field next to the road.

The artist who created the work, David Montgomery, acknowledged today that it was created as a comment on the dangers of GMO crops and it was placed in that field, which is a test site for genetically modified fodder beet, to highlight awareness of the dangers of cross fertilisation of crops.

David said "The figure is composed of a metal frame with ceramic panels, indicating the contrast of technical and organic form. There is strong public concern about GMO crops and I wanted to let people know that they are part of our lives, not tucked away somewhere else."

The future of the figure is in doubt, although David would willingly donate it to the nearby Nature in Art gallery, if they would like to add it to their collection.

David adds "I love that art has the power to make people look twice and I hope all the commuters who saw it in the field will consider anew the dangers of GMO crops."


David Montgomery
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