Mar 5 2004

TONY BLAIR will give the green light for growing GM crops in Britain next 

The Cabinet have approved the move but yesterday, environmental groups accused 
the PM of caving in to big business.

Greenpeace's Sarah North said: 'Tony Blair has picked a fight with the British 

'Once again, he's pushing a pet project in spite of the evidence.

'There are thousands of people ready to fight this decision in the fields, the 
streets, the courts and the supermarkets.

'Today is just the start there could be chaos in the countryside.

'British farmers are already suffering and the last thing they need is a new 
threat from a technology that shoppers won't touch.

'Blair is giving it the nod on the basis of flawed testing. If GM is sowed in 
our fields, he will reap a whirlwind of protest.'

Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett will unveil the policy of commercial 
cultivation of so-called Frankenstein maize.

It follows long farm-scale trials and a consultation which revealed massive 
public alarm.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said: 'There will be an announcement next week 
and I am sure all will be revealed then.'

Supporters say GM crops are cheaper and could cut the need for expensive 
weedkillers and chemicals in the Third World.

But Friends of the Earth's Tony Juniper said: 'People in this country do not 
want them and people in developing countries don't want them either.'

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