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Honey and Bees - GM Food News

(Last updated 21 September 2002)
Genetically Modified Food - News

20 September 2002 - British Beekeepers Stand Firm on 6 Mile Limit (BBKA)
20 September 2002 - New research confirms customers want GM-free honey (GFA)
15 September 2002 - GM crop taints honey two miles away, test reveals (Sunday Times, UK) Evidence that genetically modified (GM) crops can contaminate food supplies for miles around has been revealed in independent tests commissioned by The Sunday Times.
15 September 2002 - Genetic Food Alert calls for reassurances as GM honey contamination is revealed (GFA)
14 September 2002 - Scottish Beekeepers Association Position Statement (SBA)
25 July 2002 - Beekeepers vote to oppose GM crops (The Western Australian)
9 December 2000 - Deadly GM chemical warning (The Scotsman)
28 May 2000 - GM genes 'jump species barrier' (Observer UK)
28 May 2000 - GM genes 'can spread to people and animals' (Independent UK)
17 May 2000 - Honey Has Been Contaminated by GM Crops (Independent UK)
16 May 2000 - GM pollen found in honey (BBC News)

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