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GM Pharmaceutical Crops

"It seems that an industry in which the PhD is the intellectual norm is either incapable of learning a simple lesson from the past or cannot bring itself to act appropriately, despite what it has learned previously."
(Nature Biotechnology, February 2004, Volume 22, Number 2, p. 133)
(Last updated 9 February 2006)

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31 December 2005 - Ventria cancels move to Northwest Missouri (AP)
25 July 2005 - The Side Effects of Drugged Crops (Business Week)
10 May 2005 - Greenpeace strongly denies that it supports genetic engineering (Greenpeace)
5 May 2005 - Competition grows in the biopharming market (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
30 April 2005 - Biotech rice company moves again (Sacramento Bee)
28 April 2005 - Biotech firm puts off rice crop here [St Louis, Missouri] (St Louis Post Dispatch)
25 April 2005 - GM fear as human liver gene is put into rice (Daily Telegraph, UK)
16 April 2005 - Plans Scrapped For Growing Genetically Modified Rice In Bootheel (Missourinet)
12 April 2005 - Anheuser-Busch to boycott state's rice if genetic alterations allowed (Kansas City Star)
29 March 2005 - Riceland Stands Against Genetically Modified Rice in Southeast Missouri (AP)
17 March 2005 - Pharmaceutical Rice in Missouri Threatens Food Supply (NN)
4 January 2005 - Stop the US Food and Drug Administration from legalising contamination of the food supply (FoE)
26 December 2004 - We ought to ban the splicing of drugs into food (The Register-Guard)
16 December 2004 - Group urges ban on crops for drug, industrial products (Sacramento Bee)
10 December 2004 - Groups seeks to stop biopharming harvest (AP)
20 September 2004 - Fear of pharming (Scientific American)
10 August 2004 - Sierra Club evidence to US Department of Agriculture against the planting of Prodigene pharma corn (SC)
6 August 2004 - Biotech Request Alarms Food Industry (Des Moines Register)
6 August 2004 - Biopharm Locations Must Be Made Public (Earthjustice)
27 July 2004 - Lawsuit Threatens Genetic Drug Crops' Future In Hawaii (HC)
26 May 2004 - Pharm Crop Products In US Market (ISIS)
10 April 2004 - Biotech Rice Plans Are Stalled (AP)
10 April 2004 - Modified rice won't be planted (SF Chronicle)
3 February 2004 - Call for NZ ban on Pharmaceutical crops- 100% separation unachievable (GE Free NZ)
1 February 2004 - Drugs in crops - the unpalatable truth (Nature Biotechnology)
30 January 2004 - Biotech rice crop concerns growers (Appeal-Democrat)
20 November 2003 - USDA Sued for Overlooking Risks of Biopharm (PANUPS)
5 June 2003 - Rocky Mountain Farmers Union disappointed at CDA approval of biopharm permit (CropChoice News)
9 April 2003 - Bill on genetic engineering would make Texas first state to ban drug producing food crops
4 April 2003 - Kraft exec wants tougher rules on planting crops for drugs (Chicago Sun-Times)
6 March 2003 - U.S. consumer groups to sue USDA over GMO medicine crops (Reuters)
19 February 2003 - Food Groups Seek Moratorium on Pharma Crops (Chemical Week)
7 February 2003 - US food groups urge halt to "bio-pharm" crops (Reuters)
24 December 2002 - Alarm as GM pig vaccine taints US crops (Guardian, UK)
18 December 2002 - Ban on 'biopharm' crops urged (USA Today)
7 December 2002 - Agriculture Department settles with biotech company over mishaps (AP)
2 December 2002 - Pharmageddon / Risks of Edible Transgenic Vaccines (ISIS)
15 November 2002 - ProdiGene case prompts food industry to call for changes in biotech (AP) ...the biotech industry cannot be trusted to prevent 
the food supply from becoming contaminated with plant-made pharmaceuticals
15 November 2002 - GM "pharmaceutical" maize contaminates soya (FoE)
15 November 2002 - Pharmaceutical Corn Debate Continues (Farm Progress)
14 November 2002 - ProdiGene officials could be sent to jail if government finds violations (AP) Officials at a biotechnology company face a possible one-year jail term if the U.S. government finds they broke 
laws when genetically engineered corn contaminated two soybean crops
14 November 2002 - US foodmakers urge ban on food crops for medicine (Reuters)
14 November 2002 - Biotech Firm Mishandled Corn in Iowa (Washington Post)
14 November 2002 - USDA Orders Prodigene Biocorn Destroyed in Iowa (Reuters)
14 November 2002 - GMA urges the use of non-food crops for biotech drugs (GMA)
13 November 2002 - Soybeans Mixed With Altered Corn; Suspect Crop Stopped From Getting Into Food (Washington Post)
13 November 2002 - Wake up to a drug-free breakfast (Farmers Weekly) Experts are worried that drugs produced from genetically-modified crops could find their way into American breakfast cereals.
13 November 2002 - Reckless USDA Policy Fails to Keep Biopharmaceuticals out of Food Supply (GE Food Alert)
13 November 2002 - NFPA says pharma-corn incident validates food industry concerns (NFPA)
13 November 2002 - USDA probes Nebraska crop contamination (Reuters)
13 November 2002 - USDA investigates biotech company for possible permit violations (USDA)
12 November 2002 - FDA orders destruction of soybeans contaminated with genetically engineered corn (AP)
3 August 2002 - Pharmaceutical crops raise questions about liability (AP)
7 March 2002 - Poison Pharm Crops Near You (ISIS)
7 September 2001 - Greenpeace identifies secret rice fields with human genes (Greenpeace)
11 August 2001 - Pharming asks for delay of debt repayments (Dutch Financial Journal)

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