Locust Music News - August 22, 2004

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new releases!

*lightbox orchestra 'two lightboxes' lp finally out*
*ilhan mimaroglu 'agitation' anthology available now*
*people's poet kenneth patchen 'reads with jazz' ready for your library*

out now!

The lightbox orchestra - two lightboxes (locust53)

finally, after an extended delay, we're happy to announce an ultra limited Vinyl only release of two fiery performances led by Fred Lonberg-Holm and his lightbox orchestra. Side A is the Brotzmann Lightbox recorded in maximum fidelity at the Old Town School of folk music here in Chicago . Features the entire Brotzmann Tentet lineup - Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake plus a rare guest appearances by William Parker & Roy Campbell .Side B is the Munich Lightbox . The gang is all here – Jeb Bishop, Mats Gustafsson, Jim Bakker, Ken Vandermark , etc. – and in a particularly chaplinesque jazz mood, no less. Two Sides, Two Lightboxes, Two fine Jazz performances wrapped up in lovely hand screened & assembled package. Numbered edition of 500.

Mimaroglu - Agitation (locust 59)

Agitation weds two classic albums of “agitprop” electronic music– Tract & To Kill A Sunrise cut between 1968 and 1975- by mysterious & controversial Turkish composer Ilhan Mimaroglu – one of the truly underrepresented pioneers of the golden age of the Princeton-Columbia electronic music scene .

Produced as a direct reaction to an extended period of intense repression, counterrevolutionary terror, & execution style murder in Turkey, “Tract” is a scrambled mash up peppered with spunky electronic bursts, radio ads looped ad nauseum, the breathy, soulful & defiant voice of Turkish singer Tuly Sand & the go-golicious backing jams of little known psych group Topsy Turvy Moon - all shot up with lines lifted from old left wing standbys Chairman Mao, Karl Marx & Bertolt Brecht among others. “To Kill a Sunrise” follows suit with a wild, uncompromising orgiastic electro-dirge for those who are murdered by the lackeys of the ruling class while the collection closer, “La Ruche”, brings the audio gestalt to a somewhat more subdued end. Brilliantly remastered from the original tapes, Tract features close to 80 minutes of music and original liners.

Ilhan Mimaroglu emerged out of the Columbia - Princeton Electronic Music Center and public radio programs at New York’s WBAI where his socially and politically charged radio programs took the city by surprise. .He is best known for his work with Edgard Varese, mentor Vladimir Ussachevsky, a spellbinding collaboration with jazz musician Freddy Hubbard and as a chief composer of Fellini's Satyricon as well as electronic albums released on his own Finnadar label.

Kenneth Patchen - Reads with Jazz in Canada (locust 60)

"Comic, surreal, compassionate, fierce, wild, angry, joyous, cantankerous, alive, visionary, and divinely human." - george parsons, dream magazine

“This modern-day minstrel is as fascinating and interesting as any swing or blues singer…phrases and thoughts so beautifully woven into the jazz background, and so expertly phrased and timed, that it is a revelation to the ear and mind.” – Los Angeles Examiner

On a single October evening in 1959, fabled people’s poet Kenneth Patchen and Vancouver’s Alan Neil Quartet made a little bit of history. Together, they cut one of the first jazz-and poetry recordings to disc – fiery, spontaneous and free of pretensions, where hard bop playing wailed neck-and-neck with Patchen’s scathing, slurred, rabid vocalizations. Today, many see Jazz In Canada as among the very first truly beatific documents on record – preceding efforts by Kerouac, Ferlinghetti & Ginsberg. This new edition features original notes by Alan Neil & new retrospective notes by rock’n’roll poet of the San Francisco renaissance David Meltzer.

Shopping news

we have plenty of new, fine additions to be added to our mailorder by the good folks from the kokeko venue, the great found magazine 45, . Chief among them is a great psych pop single by apothecary hymns - aka alex stimmel. Alex has just joined the locust camp. Stay tuned for the debut fullength by apothecary hymns sometime in 2005.

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