a new biography by Larry Smith

"I am the world crier, and this is my dangerous career . . .
I am the one to call your bluff, and this is my climate."

-Kenneth Patchen
Kenneth Patchen (1911-1972) emerges here as a rebel poet who created stunning work for five decades. As poet, novelist, artist, performer, he becomes a model of an engaged artist. His and wife Miriam's life becomes one of the great love stories in American literature.

"Patchen represents all that a poet should, whether expressing himself in verse, in prose, in paint, or in action"
-Henry Miller

"Kenneth Patchen was a poet; he was that all the time. He is that still. That is what is meant by 'Poet'. The poetry never stops working if it is real."
-Miriam Patchen

"It has taken more than 25 years for this poet's life to finally see the light of day in this rich, thorough, compelling biography...Hallelujah Anyway!"
-Norbert Blei

"Kenneth Patchen : Rebel poet in America" is the Authorized Biography.
312 pages, 60 photos.
ISBN 0-933087-59-4 $12.95 (paper)
ISBN 0-933087-60-8 $25.95 (cloth)
*Special signed copies by author & Miriam Patchen $50

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