Poems of Humor and Protest

Last Updated 6 Mar 96


The State of the Nation
Lonesome Boy Blues
Portrait of the Artist as an Interior Decorator
Opening the Window
Carnival late at Night
Eve of St Agony or the Middleclass was sitting on its Fat
The Slums
Fragment from 'A Little Play'
The Grand Palace of Versailles
Lunch Wagon on Highway 57
Elegy for the silent Voices and the Joiners of Everything
There are two
Wouldn't you be after a jaunt of 964,000,000,000,000 million Miles?
I don't want to startle you but they are going to kill most of us
The Murder of two Men by a young Kid wearing lemon-colored gloves
The Hunted City V
The Hunted City VII
At the Gates of the lucky Town
Street Corner College
The Body beside the Ties
Investigation of certain interesting Questions
Hell Gate Bridge
A Trueblue Gentleman
Little Cannibal's Bedtimesong
Man is to Man a Beast
In order to
I got the fat Poet into a Corner
The Man with the golden Adam's Apple
The irate Songster
The Origin of Baseball
The Figure motioned with its mangled hand towards the Wall behind it, and uttered a mangled cry

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