The Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen

Last Updated 9 Mar 96


For Miriam
'As Frothing Wounds of Roses'
'O My Darling Troubles Heaven with Her Loveliness'
Fall of the Evening Star
'She is the Prettiest of Creatures
'Be Music, Night'
'We go out together into the Staring Town
'The Snow is deep on the Ground
23rd Street Runs into Heaven
She had concealed Him
Five Early Poems
'This Room has a Mystery like a Trance'
'Your Name includes the Shadow Flight of Birds'
'I know the Hair, Tissue, Skin'
'It is a lonely Walk into the Mind's Retreat'
Geography of Music
And what with the Blunders
'Beautiful you are'
'For losing her Love'
As she was thus alone
'O She is as lovely-often'
'While the Sun still spends its Money'
'O my Love the pretty Towns
'From my high Love I look at that poor World there'
'O when I take my Love out walking'
'O now the drenched Land wakes'
Religion is that I love you
'When all that changes is the World (New)'
'Little Birds sit on your Shoulders'
'Where my Stag-Antlered Love Moves'
To say if you love Someone
'O sleeping lay the maiden Snow
In Judgement of the Leaf
The Character of Love seen as a Search for the Lost
'Do I not deal with Angels'
'As we are so wonderfully done with each other'
'The Sea is awash with Roses'
The Great Birds
There are not many Kingdoms left

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