Visions of Poesy

Last Updated 26 Feb 96


Julian Beck
Ria Beer
Sean Bonney
Brian Burch
John Cage
Jeff Cloves
Alex Comfort
L.E. Cornelison
Adam Cornford
Harry Crosby
Dave Cunliffe
Bryony Dahl
Olive Dehn
Diane Di Prima
Dirt Sisters
Janet Dube
Tom Earley
Douglas Fetherling
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
John Gallas
Allen Ginsberg
Paul Goodman
Dennis Gould
John Healy
Adrian Henri
Joe Hill
Lisa Jarnot
Terry Jones
Bernard Kops
Tuli Kupferberg
James Laughlin
Ursula Le Guin
Dennis Levertov
Philip Levine
Christopher Logue
Oliver Mahler
Judith Malina
Adrian Mitchell
Tom McSorley
Tina Morris
Arthur Moyse
E.S. Nelson
Joseph Norman

Kenneth Patchen
  When we were here together
  We go out together in the staring town
  The Orange Bears
  The Artist's Duty
  There are not many kingdoms left

Marge Piercy
Paul Potts
Maxine Qwerty
Rainbow Village Jan
Dachine Rainer
Den Ray
Herbert Read
John Rety
Kenneth Rexroth
Sex Pistols
Michelle Shocked
Allan Sillitoe
Monica Sjoo
Elisabeth Smart
Stevie Smith
Gary Snyder
Muriel Spark
T-Bone Slim
Vi Subversa
Terence Walpole
Patricia V.T. West
Chris Wind
George Woodcock

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