Dates in La Vraie Langue Celtique

This pages lists all the occurrences of dates within the text of La Vraie Langue Celtique by Abbe Henri Boudet, published in 1886. For the full text of this book in French please see

Date      Event                                                                   Page

2347 BC   The Flood                                                                137 (implied)
1824 BC   Iberians arrive in Spain                                                 137
1821 BC   Abraham dies and passes on his divine gifts to his son Isaac             137 
1491 BC   Revelation of the name of God to Moses                                    36
1451 BC   Beginning of conquest of Palestine                                        36
1445 BC   End of conquest of Palestine                                              36
1400 BC   Ligurians leave Spain for Italy                                            2
888 BC    Building of Carthage by Didon                                             91
753 BC    Foundation of Rome                                                         2 (implied)
753 BC    Rome built by Romulus                                                    212
631 BC    Sycthians establish on the banks of the Palus-Meotide                      3 
600 BC    Wedding of the daughter of Nann, chief of the Segobriges                 176
587 BC    Army of Sigovesus marches with army of Bellovesus towards Italy          187
300 BC    Belges invade the North of Gaul                                            4
281 BC    Gallic tribes gather on the banks of the Danube                            4
281 BC    Tectosages head towards the banks of the Danube                           13
281 BC    Tectosages head towards Macedonia                                        188

20 AD     Strabon writes about "Provincia"                                         282
43 AD     Pomponius Mela writes about "Provincia"                                  282
251 AD    Emperor Dece killed in battle by the Franks                              207
387 AD    St Augustine baptised in Milan by St Ambroise                             98                         
396 AD    Closure of druidic colleges by Conan Meriadech                           167
446 AD    Wor-Tigern, chief of Bretagne, seeks safety from the Saxons               16  
507 AD    Franks return to Toulouse                                                207
626 AD    "Children of Clovis" occupy Novempopulanie                               138
1119 AD   Esperaza (Sperazanus) mentioned in Papal Bull (Callixte II)              222 
1633 AD   Publication "Memoires de l'histoire du Languedoc" - Guillaume de Catel   196
1704 AD   Birth of Duclos at Dinan                                                   7
1803 AD   Publication of "Dictionnaire de la Fable" by Fr. NoŽl in Paris           301
1834 AD   Publication of article in Magasin Pittoresque                            300
1839 AD   Water analysis carried out by the Academy of Medicine in Paris           269
1852 AD   Discovery of 17 skeletons by Bonnemaison                                 129
1864 AD   Discovery by Figuier                                                     257
1868 AD   Discovery of Cro Magnon skeletons by Louis Lartet                        129 
1884 AD   Discovery by road workers on 26 November                                 241
1884 AD   Removal of "Jesus Head" sculpture from Cap de l'Homme in December        234
1885 AD   Publication of article in l'Eclair on 7 June                             119 
1885 AD   Publication of article in The Advocate, Melbourne, 5 September 1885       11 
1886 AD   Publication of La Vraie Langue Celtique                                  ---

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