David Gascoyne - Bibliography

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Benford Year Title Image
A11932Roman Balcony
A21933Opening Day
A31935A Short Survey of Surrealism
A41936Man's Life is this Meat
A51938Hoelderlin's Madness
A61943Poems 1937-1942
A71950A Vagrant and Other Poems
A81952Thomas Carlyle
A101956Night Thoughts
A111965Collected Poems
A121970Sun at Midnight
A131976Three Poems
A141978Paris Journal 1937-1939
A151980Journal 1936-1937
A161980Early Poems
A171984Journal de Paris et d'Ailleurs 1936-1942
A181984Five Early Uncollected Poems
A191984Recontres avec Benjamin Fondane
-1984Five Early Uncollected Poems
-1985Magnetic Fields
-1988Collected Poems 1988
-1991Collected Journals 1937-42
-1993Lawrence Durrell
-1994Three Remanences
-1994Selected Poems
-1996Selected Verse Translations
-1997Selected Essays

'Benford' = "David Gascoyne - A Bibliography of his Works (1929-1985)"
Compiled by Colin T. Benford - Heritage Books, Ryde, Isle of Wight

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