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"...We will respect nature and living things, work safely, be gracious to one another and our partners, and each day we will leave for home with consciences clear and spirits soaring..." (from the Dupont Vision Statement)
(Last updated 26 January 2005)

Genetically Modified Food - News

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18 January 2005 - U.S. Officials Accuse DuPont of Concealing Teflon Ingredient's Health Risk (Chicago Tribune)
9 August 2004 - Teflon trouble sticking to DuPont (NY Times)
20 February 2004 - Monsanto, Dow and Dupont dump more than $300k into smear campaign against measure H in Mendocino (LH)
21 December 2003 - Eyeless children championed by Observer win $7m test case (Observer, UK)
17 July 2003 - Italian court rejects company bid to save GM maize (Reuters)
12 July 2003 - Italian region orders GM maize fields destroyed (ABC News, Australia)
10 July 2003 - Italian seed contamination scandal highlights need for tighter European legislation (Greenpeace)
25 April 2003 - Pioneer pays fine in biotech corn mix-up; USDA begins new investigation (AP)
24 April 2003 - Pioneer biotech corn taints Hawaii crops - EPA (Reuters)
23 April 2003 - Bayer, Lilly, DuPont, Dow may face apartheid lawsuit in 2-3 months (AFX)
8 August 2002 - Italian court probes 10 seed companies over GMOs (Reuters)
25 March 2002 - DuPont and Honeywell Accused of Unnecessary Animal Cruelty (PCRM)
22 March 2002 - Du Pont ditches hybrid wheats (Farmers Weekly)
31 August 2001 - Terminator Takeover? - Will financial troubles put Delta & Pine Land Inc. on the auction block? (RAFI)
15 August 2001 - DuPont Fined $78.3 Over Fungicide Benlate (Reuters)
1 August 2000 - US DuPont settle environmental lawsuit over sulfuric acid emergency in Kentucky (US DoJ)
25 August 1999 - GM investors told to sell their shares (Guardian UK)
"It could become an "earnings nightmare" for Pioneer Hi-Bred (a company due to be taken over by the chemicals giant DuPont) and for Monsanto which is buying Delta & Pine, a stock, the bank says, not worth holding on to."
28 November 1998 - Dupont "Cheating Consciously, Deliberately" (Agribusiness Examiner)

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