Katharine Gun

Katharine Gun - 'I have only ever followed my conscience'
"Gun's conspicuous bravery speaks louder than any rhetoric possibly could. Her actions confront Britons and Americans alike with difficult choices: to what extent is the “special relationship” between the two countries to be based on democracy or duplicity?" - Norman Solomon ("For telling the truth")

"I have no regrets and I would do it again." (Katharine Gun, 25 February 2004)

"I'm just baffled in the 21st century we as human beings are still dropping bombs on each other as a means to resolve issues." (Katharine Gun, 25 February 2004)

Katharine Gun urges whistleblowers to come forward about Iran
20 March 2006 - Iran: Time to Leak
Danish whistleblower case has parallels with Katharine Gun
23 April 2004 - Danish defence minister resigns (BBC News)
19 April 2004 - Denmark reveals Iraq secrets (BBC News)
15 April 2004 - Danish furore over Iraq secrets (BBC News)
15 April 2004 - Whistleblower claims Danish premier lied (The Herald, UK)
14 April 2004 - Iraq whistleblower speaks (Copenhagen Post)

10 March 2004 - Lawyer who quit over Iraq to testify at anti-war trial (Independent, UK)
7 March 2004 - War chief reveals legal crisis (Observer, UK)
5 March 2004 - Blix: Iraq war was illegal (Independent, UK)
5 March 2004 - Government thought UN mandate was needed for Iraq war (Independent, UK)
4 March 2004 - Attorney General conceded doubts over legality of war (Independent, UK)
29 February 2004 - Iraq advice must be made public (BBC News)
29 February 2004 - Revealed: Attorney General changed his advice on legality of Iraq war (Independent on Sunday, UK)
29 February 2004 - Prime Minister must answer to House on Short claims, says Kennedy (Independent on Sunday, UK)
29 February 2004 - Beware smoking guns (Observer, UK)
28 February 2004 - Was Attorney General leant on to sanction war? (Independent, UK)
Grave doubts over the legality of the Iraq war
28 February 2004 - I quit because war was illegal, says former government lawyer (Independent, UK)
28 February 2004 - Trial of Fairford Five will put pressure on Goldsmith [Attorney General] (Guardian, UK)
28 February 2004 - Legal quest to see Iraq advice (BBC News)
Bugging at the UN
28 February 2004 - Britain and US shared transcripts after bugging Blix's mobile phone (Independent, UK)
27 February 2004 - UN bugging scandal widens (BBC News)
27 February 2004 - Britain's spying shame (Independent, UK)
27 February 2004 - UN weapons inspectors were also bugged (Independent, UK)
26 February 2004 - UN warning over spy allegations (BBC News)
26 February 2004 - UK spies bugged UN chief, claims Short (Independent, UK)
26 February 2004 - The spy who wouldn't keep a secret (Guardian, UK)
26 February 2004 - Whistleblower cleared, Government accused of cover-up, Case for war: An official secret (Independent, UK)
26 February 2004 - How a GCHQ translator uncovered a dirty tricks campaign (Independent, UK)
Pre-trial hearing at the Old Bailey court - Charges dropped
25 February 2004 - GCHQ translator cleared over leak (BBC News)
25 February 2004 - Why has she been put through eight months of hell? (Guardian, UK)
25 February 2004 - Translator turns whistleblower (BBC News)
25 February 2004 - Whistleblower walks free after charge is dropped (Independent, UK)
25 February 2004 - Victory for whistleblowing (Evening Standard, UK)
22 February 2004 - GCHQ mother: My girl is not a traitor (Observer, UK)
21 February 2004 - A duty to country and democracy (Guardian, UK)
19 February 2004 - Gun Battle (AlterNet)
Observer (UK) reveals spying by the UK at the UN
15 February 2004 - British spy operation wrecked peace move (Observer, UK)
15 February 2004 - Penn's praise for spy heroine (Observer, UK)
14 February 2004 - Spying games on the road to war (Guardian, UK)
12 February 2004 - Under the Gun (workingforchange)
12 February 2004 - New Support for British Whistleblower Katharine Gun; Interviews Available (US Newswire)
12 February 2004 - US artists defend British whistleblower (PWW)
8 February 2004 - Britain spied on UN allies over war vote (Observer, UK)
29 January 2004 - Prominent Americans Support British Whistleblower (IPA)
27 January 2004 - Official Secrets - A smoking gun puts the war on trial (TIME)
27 January 2004 - Leak against the war (Guardian, UK)
Comparisons made with the Pentagon Papers...
24 January 2004 - Revelations on US spying compared to Pentagon Papers (WSWS)
20 January 2004 - Woman's lawyers fight to lift GCHQ gag (Guardian, UK)
20 January 2004 - Whistleblower, Katharine Gun, faces Old Bailey trial (Liberty)
19 January 2004 - A Single Conscience v. the State (New York Times)
19 January 2004 - Ex-GCHQ officer faces leak charge (BBC News)
19 January 2004 - Old Bailey Date Set for GCHQ 'Leak' Hearing (The Scotsman)
Support grows in the US
18 January 2004 - US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower (Guardian, UK)
18 January 2004 - For justice's sake - Publish the legal advice for Iraq war (Guardian, UK)
24 December 2003 - For telling the truth (Jordan Times)
9 December 2003 - British whistleblower faces trial for exposing US spying on UN delegates (WSWS)
27 November 2003 - GCHQ whistleblower was trying to save lives (Liberty, UK)
27 November 2003 - Ex-GCHQ officer preventing war (BBC News)
14 November 2003 - GCGQ whistleblower charged (Guardian, UK)
Katharine Gun charged under the Official Secrets Act
13 November 2003 - Ex-GCHQ woman charged over 'leak' (BBC News)
13 November 2003 - Liberty takes up case of GCHQ whistleblower (Liberty, UK)
13 March 2003 - British intelligence employee arrested for leaks on US bugging of UN (WSWS)
Katharine Gun arrested
9 March 2003 - GCHQ arrest over Observer spying report (Observer, UK)
9 March 2003 - UN launches enquiry into American spying (Observer, UK)
6 March 2003 - Bugging, bribes and bullying: US thuggery in advance of UN vote (WSWS)
2 March 2003 - US plan to bug Security Council: the text
Observer (UK) reveals spying by the US at the UN
2 March 2003 - Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war (Observer, UK)

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