Flood at the Patchen Home

Open Letter to Poets, Artists and Booklovers worldwide

The floods in Palo Alto, California in early February 1998 have hit the home of Miriam Patchen, wife of the late poet and painter Kenneth Patchen (1911-1972).

Two feet of water and mud swept through the house taking with it carpets, furniture, books and pictures. Miriam, who is 83, does not have flood insurance and the process of cleaning and rebuilding the house and its contents will take time and money.

Can you help? If so, please send donations to :

The Lively Foundation
2565 Washington Street #4
San Francisco
CA 94115

On the memo line of the check, please write "Patchen Flood Relief"

Thank you very much for anything you can contribute!

Kind regards
Marcus Williamson
Editor, Kenneth Patchen Home Page

For more information about the flood see this article from the San Francisco Chronicle

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