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June 2007 - Publication of Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and Loujon Press by Jeff Weddle
13-14 April 2007 - Kenneth Patchen Festival in Cleveland, Ohio

June 2006 - Launch of Celery Flute: The Kenneth Patchen Newsletter
22 August 2004 - Re-release of Kenneth Patchen Reads with Jazz from 1959!
2 March 2003 - THAW Out for Peace - organised by Theatres Against War
8 October 2002 - New book, Working Hard for the Money: America's Working Poor in Stories, published by Bottom Dog Press
26 May 2001 - Patchen Klatschen : A Patchen celebration event in New York
13 March 2001 - Tribute poems to Kenneth Patchen and Miriam Patchen
From Zoe Climenhaga, Joel Climenhaga, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Dennis Gould and Larry Smith
12 March 2001 - New book, Miriam and Us, containing interview with Miriam Patchen, now available
29 January 2001 - Kenneth Patchen e-mail discussion group created
1 November 2000 - Joel Climenhaga dies
16-27 August 2000 - Production of Patchen's play The City Wears a Slouch Hat at Experimental Theatre, Henry Street Settlement, New York
14 July 2000 - 'For Kenneth and Miriam: A Poet and His Muse' - A Tribute to Kenneth and Miriam Patchen at Tate Modern, London
April 2000 - New Authorised Biography of Kenneth Patchen, Kenneth Patchen : Rebel Poet in America, now available from Bottom Dog Press
22 March 2000 - Miriam Patchen (Palo Alto Weekly)
15 March 2000 - An Obituary for Miriam Patchen (UK Independent)
15 March 2000 - Peacenik Miriam Patchen made people think and laugh (San Jose Mercury)
6 March 2000 - On March 6, 2000 Miriam Patchen passed away peacefully at her home in Palo Alto, California. Her life had been dedicated to peace and justice and to the writing and art of her husband Kenneth Patchen.
17 February 2000 - The authorised biography of Kenneth Patchen, by Larry Smith, is about to be published.
6 January 2000 - This page has moved to a new home at
16 August 1999 - Rome is latest stopover for popular Patchen archive
22 April 1999 - Added information about the Harry Redl Home Page
20 September 1998 - Miriam's longtime companion following Kenneth's death passed away at the age of 84. His name was Laurent B. Frantz and he (with Miriam by his side) was a civil rights activist right up to his death. A memorial service took place for Mr. Frantz in San Francisco, November 8, 1998.
25 July 1998 - City Lights Pocket Poets - Cover Story - Why City Lights Pocket Poets books look how they do
24 July 1998 - City Lights checklist now available
15 June 1998 - Transcript of interview with Bernard Kops about Kenneth Patchen now available
25 May 1998 - Online Ordering of books and recordings
19 May 1998 - Exhibition of pictures from 19 May to 28 June at the Poetry Library, London
18 May 1998 - Event at the Tate Gallery, London
12 February 1998 - Patchen Home hit by floods in Palo Alto - Please help the Patchen Flood Relief fund
4 February 1998 - News of events in London in May 1998
12 November 1997 - In Memoriam - James Laughlin (1914-1997)
July 1997 - Full details of the Patchen tribute at the Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado
2 Mar 1997 - Open Letter from Joel Climenhaga - Read about an event commemorating Patchen taking place at the Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado in July 1997
14 Feb 1997 - 12 New Picture Poems added
6 Jan 1997 - Decker Press page added
27 Dec 1996 - Thesis excerpt on Patchen by Charles S. Maden added
27 Dec 1996 - Comments Page added

Kenneth Patchen Timeline 1911-1972
Patchen's Writings
Online Gallery
Some Essays, Criticism and Anthologies
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Patchen's Writings

Primary Bibliography also available online

Aflame and Afun of Walking Faces, 1970
The Argument of Innocence, 1976
An Astonished Eye Looks out of the Air, 1945
Awash with Roses : Collected Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen
Because It Is, 1960
Before the Brave, 1936
But Even So, 1968
CCCLXXIV Poems, 1948
Cloth of the Tempest, 1943
Collected Poems, 1968
The Dark Kingdom, 1942
Doubleheader, 1966
Fables and Other Little Tales, 1953
The Famous Boating Party, 1954
First Will and Testament, 1939
Glory Never Guesses, 1955
Hallelujah Anyway, 1967
Hurrah for Anything, 1957
In Peaceable Caves, 1950
In Quest of Candlelighters, 1972
Job. Invented and Engraved by William Blake, 1947
The Journal of Albion Moonlight, 1941
Love and War Poems
The Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen, 1960
Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer, 1945
Orchards, Thrones and Caravans, 1952
Out of the World of Patchen
Outlaw of the Lowest Planet, 1946
Panels for the Walls of Heaven
Patchen's Lost Plays, 1977
Pictures of Life and of Death, 1946
Poems of Humor and Protest, 1949
Poemscapes, 1958
Red Wine and Yellow Hair, 1949
See you in the Morning, 1947
Selected Poems, 1946
Selected Poems (UK), 1968
Sleepers Awake, 1946
Still another Pelican in the Breadbox, 1980
Sure is One Peculiar Way to Run a Ballgame (Calendar), 1996
A Surprise for the Bagpipe-Player, 1956
The Teeth of the Lion, 1942
Tell You That I Love You, 1971
There's Love All Day, 1970
They Keep Riding Down All the Time, 1946
Three Prose Classics
To Say if You Love Someone, 1948
What I'd like to know is, 1967
What shall we do without us?, 1984
When We Were Here Together, 1957
Wonderings, 1971

Online ordering of some of the above titles


A detailed version of the above list


LP, Green Tree Records, 1974

Kenneth Patchen & the Chamber Jazz Sextet
LP, 1958

Kenneth Patchen Reads His Love Poems
LP, Folkways FL-9719, 1961
28 tracks with booklet

Patchen's Funny Fables
LP, Folkways FL-9720

Patchen Reads from Albion Moonlight
LP, Folkways, 1972

Readings with Jazz in Canada
LP, Folkways FL-9718, 26 August 1959
Four Blues Poems, Four Song Poems, As I Opened the Window, Glory,Glory, Speeches from Don't Look Now

Selected Poems of Kenneth Patchen
LP, Folkways FL-9717, 1959
19 tracks

Online Gallery

(With more paintings to be added)

Man Holding a Flower
Kenneth Patchen Calendar 1996 - 12 Picture Poems

Some Essays, Criticism and Anthologies

The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Henry Miller

Anarchy 34
Charles Radcliffe & Diana Shelley
Freedom Press, London

Bird in the Bush
Kenneth Rexroth
New Directions, New York

English and American Surrealist Poetry
Penguin, 1978
ISBN : 0 14 042.221 8
(Includes The Naked Land, In the footsteps of the walking air, A Temple and Saturday Night in the Parthenon)

Glad Day and Albion Moonlight
Thomas Corbett
Modern Language Association, 1977 - 1979

Kenneth Patchen
Larry Smith
(Professor of English and Humanities - Bowling Green State University)

Kenneth Patchen : An Art of Engagement
Video 30 minutes, colour VHS
Bottom Dog Press

Kenneth Patchen and American Mysticism
Raymond J. Nelson
(Professor - American Literature - University of Virginia)
University of North Carolina, 1984

Kenneth Patchen's Prose Works
Hugh McGovern
New Mexico Quarterly, 1951

New Directions Yearbook
Numbers 3/4/8/9/12/17
Number 12 dedicated to Kenneth Patchen

Patchen : Man of Anger and Light
Henry Miller
Padell, New York, 1946
(Also contains Patchen's A Letter to God)

Patchen : The Last Interview
Gene Detro
Capra Press, 1976

Stand Still Like The Humming Bird
Henry Miller
New Directions, New York, 1962

Thesis excerpt on Patchen by Charles S. Maden

Tribute to Kenneth Patchen
Enitharmon Press, 1977 (Edition of 900 + 60)

Visions of Poesy
An Anthology of 20th Century Anarchist Poetry
Freedom Press, London, 1994
ISBN : 0 900384 75 1
(Includes Creation, When we were here together, "We go out together in the Staring Town", The Orange Bears, The Artists's Duty (from The Journal of Albion Moonlight), There are not many Kingdoms left)

Exhibitions and Collections

American Renegades
Exhibition 31 Aug 92 - 3 Oct 92
CU Art Galleries
University of Colorado at Boulder

Kenneth Patchen Collection at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Kenneth Patchen Collection at the University of Texas

Kenneth Patchen Literary Festival
Exhibition 27 Apr 89 - 30 Apr 89
Trumbull Art Gallery
Warren, Ohio

Hallelujah Anyway! A Kenneth Patchen Exhibition
Exhibition 18 Mar 74 - 5 Apr 74

Publishers and Bookstores

Online ordering of books

Bottom Dog Press
c/o Firelands College
Ohio 44839

City Lights
261 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco
California 94133
Fax : +1 415 362 4921

Enitharmon Press

Freedom Press
84b Whitechapel High Street
E1 7QX

New Directions
80 Eighth Avenue
New York New York 10011
Tel : +1 212 255 0230
Fax : +1 212 255 0231

Pig Iron Press
Post Office Box 237
Ohio 44501

Sierra Club
730 Polk St
San Francisco
California 94109
Tel : +1 415 776 2211
Fax : +1 415 776 0350

Beat Poetry Pages

Beat Generation Resources and FAQ

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Unspeakable Visions

Patchen mentioned on the Internet

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Sarah Hreha - Kenneth Patchen, poems & pictures
Antonio Mendoza - An Interview
Mingus Ah Um - Record review including liner notes with reference to concert with Charlie Mingus and Kenneth Patchen
Parker bequest to UCSC Library
Palo Alto Weekly, March 1, 1995 - Book Talk
Palo Alto Weekly, March 10, 1995 - Illuminating the Word
Palo Alto Weekly, May 3, 1995 - Miriam Patchen : Peace and Love
Plaster Cramp Press - Relation between Kenneth Patchen and Bern Porter
Bern Porter
Andrew Russ
San Francisco Chronicle, 26 November, 1995 - The Art of Beat
Tucson Weekly - Poetry Festival August 1995
UCSC - Rome is latest stopover for popular Patchen archive
Ultimate Spinach - Music
JJWebb - Travelling with Patchen
Scott Williams - Inspirational books & author & artist links

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Comments on Patchen and this Home Page

Excite said in March 1997 :

"A very complete wired capsule of this writer-poet-painter's life, including a bibliography, excerpts, how others saw him. In 1967, he was honored for his "life-long contribution to American letters" by National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities." (The Mining Co.) say :

"In today's mail from Anastasios Kozaitos was a prose poem I thought was the Bible! Then it shifted gears into playful, poem. The poet, of course, was Kenneth Patchen, a true one-of-a-kinder, our own Schwitters: poet-painter-performer. St. Madman. And Marcus Williamson's homepage for Patchen is the best homage to a poet currently on the Web. Dive in and drown -- it's good for you."

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