Le Serpent Rouge

" ...après un long sommeil, les mêmes hypothèses ressucistent, sans doute nous reviennent-elles avec des vêtements neufs et plus riches, mais le fond reste le même et le masque nouveau dont elles s'affublent ne saurait tromper l'homme de science..."

"...after a long sleep, the same theories reappear, without doubt they return richer and with new clothes, but the foundation remains the same and the new mask which they wear should not mislead the man of knowledge..."

(from the introduction to Le Serpent Rouge)

Original French Text - Exact facsimile (fives pages of typescript text) from the "Avant Propos" of Le Serpent Rouge

Notes on Le Serpent Rouge - by Marcus Williamson and Corella Hughes - published 17 January 1999

English Translation - by Marcus Williamson and Corella Hughes

English Translation - by David Wood (from Genisis)

English Translation - by Elizabeth Van Buren

A Midi Pommes Bleues - Photo of the Pommmes Bleues (Blue Apples) taken at Rennes le Chateau on 17 January 2005

Le Serpent Rouge: Three Translations Compiled and Compared - Compiled by R.L. Marcum

Italian Translation - by Stefano Momentè

Swedish Translation - by Christer Böke and Christina Böke

Swedish Translation (MS Word - with footnotes) - by Christer Böke and Christina Böke

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