Tributes to Kenneth Patchen and Miriam Patchen

The Years of Miriam, The Brief Years by Zoe Climenhaga (12 March 2000)

2340 Sierra Court, Palo Alto, California : On the dying of Miriam Patchen by Joel Climenhaga (13 March 2000)

An Elegy on the Death of Kenneth Patchen - by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1972)

Punch 'n' Judy - by Dennis Gould

Kenneth and Miriam Patchen in Heaven by Larry Smith (February 2001)

Kenneth and Miriam Patchen in Heaven

The song of Kenneth and Miriam
is all but sung now,
except for the way
it keeps moving others
to awaken, let go, make do,
keep making a love and art
that will grow and last.

Sleepers awakened in a small bed
on 23rd Street or Heaven
lying fresh in each other's arms.
Her with her clear blonde face
turning into the wind.
Him with his strong dark eyes
seeing into everything.

He walking straight now
bending to pick up the paper
leaving a poem on the lawn.
She holding a long cat
next to her angel breasts,
a gentle laugher of skies.

The world is made clear and whole again
by the brave song of their love.

by Larry Smith

Larry Smith is the author of the official biography of Kenneth Patchen

Punch 'n' Judy
Dedicated to Miriam & Kenneth Patchen for her caring and his Journal of Albion Moonlight
Say the word love
And we shall see
How the grounddown and graded
Long to be free.

Say the word love
Look me in the eyes
Open your arms love
See liberty among the lies.

Say the word love
Sing all day be free
Write your children love
Your hands will see.

Say the word love
Reveal your breasts
Open your thighs love
Show me your nakedness.

Obey no laws love
Government is nothing free
Say the word love
Move into me.

Move in with me.

by Dennis Gould

Dennis Gould was editor of the Patchen anthology Love and War Poems (Peace News) and of Visions of Poesy, An Anthology of 20th Century Anarchist Poetry.

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