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Connectotel Management

Marcus Williamson
Managing Director, Marcus Williamson, was formerly a manager for Novell Consulting (Europe), working with Novell customers throughout Western Europe. He worked with Novell Europe for six years and with NetWare and Novell products since 1986.

He has contributed many times to Novell's Application Notes and other technical publications, is a regular speaker at Novell's Brainshare events in America and Europe and is active on the Novell Support Connection Forums.

Associate Consultants
Connectotel makes use of Associate Consultants as required on a project basis. All Associate Consultants are Novell-qualified to CNE, Master CNE or CNI standard as appropriate.

Connectotel is a member of The Trust Group, a UK-wide network of IT consultants.

Brightman Consulting - UK
Carpe Diem - Germany
Centennial Ltd - UK
FutureGate Software - Germany
Livedata Computers Ltd - UK

Sample Customers
Aramco - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Bank Sarasin - Basel, Switzerland
Barnardos - London, UK
Bevan Ashford - Bristol, UK
British Standards Institution - London, UK
Carlton TV - London, UK
Department for International Development - London, UK
Department of the Environment, Transport and Regions - London, UK
HMV - London, UK
KPMG - London, UK
London Borough of Greenwich - London, UK
Novell Europe - Bracknell, UK
Ofsted - London, UK
Oftel - London, UK
Optimum Health Services, London, UK
PageOne Communications - London, UK
Schneider Optics - USA
Swedish Post - Stockholm, Sweden
TELE Greenland - Greenland
Wragge & Co - Birmingham, UK
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