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  • Reaching your mobile sales force - A short text message can reach your entire sales team virtually instantaneouly, carrying vital information, even if the phone is busy or out of range

  • Logistics - including truck and car tracking - combined with the Global Positioning System (GPS), SMS can provide effective vehicle tracking for your entire fleet

  • Instant Communications - Now anyone with a mobile phone can send and receive e-mail messages

  • Low cost pager replacement - Why carry a pager and a mobile phone? The two functions can now be combined in one device, the GSM mobile phone

  • Remote control - SMS can be used to provide remote control of devices in locations which are dangerous or difficult to reach

  • Logos and Ringtones - Providing personalisation of the mobile phone handset
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    SMS Consulting
    Connectotel has considerable experience in development of software solutions utilising SMS technology. Let us work with you to build software for your particular application.

    Please contact us to find out more about SMS and how Connectotel can help you to implement solutions based on this technology.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    image The Short Message Service (SMS) available on all GSM telephones allows a short text message of up to 160 characters to be sent to any suitably-equipped mobile phone. Please read the Connectotel SMS Solutions White Paper for details of our available SMS products.
      SMSGateWay - E-mail to SMS Gateway
    Allowing transmission of messages from any SMTP capable e-mail system, database software or website, to any GSM mobile phone.

    SMSGateWay Duplex - Bidirectional SMS Gateway
    Allowing transmission of messages from any application to any GSM mobile phone and from any GSM mobile phone with any SMTP capable e-mail system, database software or website.

    M-Mail - SMS to E-mail gateway service
    Allowing the mobile telephone user to compose e-mail on their telephone handset. Connectotel provides a free public access SMS to E-mail Gateway for all Internet users, based on the Connectotel SMSGateWay Duplex technology. Recently added new features include the ability to set a signature for e-mail sent from your phone, use of aliases and a Memo facility.

    SMSAlert - Alerts via SMS from any application
    SMS and Pager message transmission from any standalone or networked PC via dial-up modem, for low volume messaging requirements.

    SMSBCast - SMS Broadcast
    Allows sending of a fixed SMS text message to a virtually unlimited number of mobile phones. This message can be, for example, a plain text message, a ring tone or a graphic based message.
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