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LinkWall - Blocking of URLs and domains

News: 30 March 2010 - Connectotel welcomes announcement of the successor to Novell BorderManager - Novell support of BorderManager continues through to March 2012

LinkWall is a solution to the issue of blocking access to unwanted websites.

The advantages of using LinkWall compared with other third-party solutions include:
  • LinkWall fully supports all BorderManager versions from 3.5 to 3.9

  • LinkWall is the only solution for Novell BorderManager which can make use of public domain blocking lists, such as the squidGuard Blacklist and DMOZ lists.

  • LinkWall does not require expensive ongoing subscriptions to maintain proprietary site blocking lists.

  • LinkWall includes the free, optional use of the LinkWall Blacklist, licensed by Connectotel from, regularly updated and containing more than 600,000 entries.

  • The list of sites blocked by LinkWall is completely open to inspection and can be easily added to or edited by the Administrator.

  • LinkWall operates in conjunction with your existing Novell BorderManager software and does not require additional server or gateway hardware.

  • LinkWall is easy to install and configure.

  • Once deployed, LinkWall can be left running without any further intervention from the Administrator.

  • LinkWall integrates with your existing administration tools including NWAdmin (BorderManager 3.5 to 3.8) and iManager (BorderManager 3.9).
Evaluation software download

Download (4.5 MB) a 45-day evaluation of the LinkWall Suite, including LinkWall, AdWall and FileWall.

Who is already using the LinkWall Suite?

Just some of the many sites worldwide already using this software:

Akron Children's Hospital,US
Alan Nuttall Ltd,UK
Arcadia Valley School,US
Bakersfield School,US
Bald Head Island,US
Belleville High School,US
Berkeley County Government,US
Bethesda Christian School,US
Bunbury Training,Australia
Burlington School District,US
Calrossy C of E School,Australia
Carthage R-9 School District,US
Cégep de Granby,Canada
Cégep Marie-Victorin,Canada
Centimark Corporation,US
Central Greene,US
Centralia High School,US
Chelsea School District,US
City College Manchester,UK
City of Webster Groves,US
Clark-Pleasant School,US
Colorado Dept of Human Services,US
Corus Bank,US
Donvale Christian College,Australia
Epsom College,UK
Fennimore School,US
Fordham School,US
Fr. Gabriel Richard High School,US
Franklin County,US
Franklin Public Schools,US
Fruitport Community,US
Gainesville School District,US
Gorseinon College,UK
Grand Rapids Christian Schools,US
Greenland Homerule Government,Greenland
Hamilton County,US
Hawkins ISD,US
Henry Martin,Belize
Holland Community Hospital,US
Holt Public Schools,US
Independent School District 16,US
Institute of Technology,Ireland
Jackson County,US
Josephine County,US
Jourdanton I.S.D.,US
Kettle Moraine Lutheran,US
Kollegium St. Fidelis,Switzerland
Macon Country,US
Mairie of Aix en Provence,France
Marquette-Alger RESA,US
Marshfield R-1 Schools,US
Milford Central School,US
Moberly Public School,US
Mount Zion High School,US
Normandy School,US
Pedare Christian School,US
Peters & Browne Group,Australia
Platinum Asset Management,Australia
Pontiac Township High School,US
Poplar Bluff School District,US
Port Autonome de Bordeaux,France
Potterville Public Schools,US
Preferred Health Systems,US
Ramaz School,US
Richland R1 Public Schools,US
Robson Communities,US
Royal Adelaide Hospital,Australia
Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama,UK
Salisbury College,UK
Schulgemeinde Beckenried,Switzerland
Schulen der Gemeinde Baar,Switzerland
Shelburne Community School,US
Sierra Nevada College,US
Smithville School District,US
Sonnenberg Schule,Switzerland
Sparta School District,US
St George's School,Canada
Stockbridge Community Schools,US
Sussex Technical,US
Thomas More College,US
Tomorrow River,US
Tromsdalen Videregaaende Skole, Norway
Upper Valley JVS,US
US Courts-Arizona,US
Vancouver School District,Canada
Vanderbilt University,US
Venture Bank,US
VIT Community Unit,US
Walsall College,UK
Walton Central School,US
Waverley College,Australia
Westmont Senior High,US
West Perry School District,US
Willard R-2 Schools,US
Williston School District,US
Wiltshire College,UK
WSOS Community Action,US
XTL Transport,Canada

Price List

The LinkWall Suite of products includes LinkWall, AdWall and FileWall. The software license is a one-off cost for the suite of all three products. There is no requirement for an ongoing subscription.

User level     US$   Pounds   Euros
Up to 100 users     495   275   425
Up to 500 users     1295   725   1095
Up to 1000 users     1995   1095   1695
Up to 2000 users     2995   1695   2545
Up to 3000 users     3995   2195   3295
Schools     1295   725   1095
Colleges     1495   825   1295
Universities     3495   1995   2995

Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) is free for the first 12 months and includes support and updates to your software. After the first 12 months ASM costs 20% of the initial purchase price of the software, per year.

"Schools" pricing is per individual school within a school district. Please contact us about special "Group Purchase" pricing for multiple individual schools within a school district purchasing at the same time.


In the US and Canada, the LinkWall Suite can be ordered from our authorised reseller, DreamLAN

For New Zealand, please contact RSL

For Australia, please contact Comunet

For the UK and all other regions, or for further information about the LinkWall Suite, please contact Connectotel.


The LinkWall Suite Support FAQ document provides answers to commonly asked support questions for these products. Support is available via telephone, fax or e-mail from Connectotel and its authorised resellers.


Full documentation is included with the evaluation version.

A LinkWall Competitive Analysis document (PDF) is available, which compares LinkWall to two other products for Novell BorderManager.

Articles about using LinkWall with public domain site blocking lists:

Using Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager, Novell Research, February 2003

Using DMOZ Open Directory Project lists with Novell BorderManager, Novell Cool Solutions, April 2003

Other Solutions

LinkWall is part of a suite of BorderManager solutions including: Connectotel also recommends the RTMonitor Real Time Monitoring tool for Novell BorderManager. This has integration with Connectotel LinkWall.
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