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AdWall - Blocking of Advertising

AdWall is a solution to the increasing problem of Internet banner advertising. Internet banner advertising appears on many sites and represents an issue for the business world for the following reasons:
  • Advertising is a distraction.

  • Advertising images take up valuable bandwidth on the local network.

  • Advertising wording may display spurious warning messages, mislead the computer user into believing there is a problem with their computer and generate unnecessary support calls.

  • Clicking on advertisements displayed in the browser may take users to non-business related or undesirable sites.
AdWall resolves this problem by blocking the display of advertising graphics from known advertising host sites. The advantages of using AdWall compared with other third-party solutions include:
  • AdWall operates in conjunction with your existing Novell BorderManager software and does not require additional server or gateway hardware.

  • AdWall is straightforward to install and configure.

  • AdWall integrates with your existing administration tools.

  • Once deployed, AdWall can be left running without any further intervention from the Administrator.

  • The list of sites blocked by AdWall is completely open to inspection and can be easily added to or edited by the Administrator.

  • AdWall can make use of any public domain blocking list, in SquidGuard Blacklist, DMOZ or 'host' file format.
Evaluation software download

Download a 45-day evaluation of the LinkWall Suite, including AdWall, FileWall and LinkWall.

Who is already using the LinkWall Suite?

Please see the customer list on the LinkWall Suite page

Pricing and Resellers

Please see the price list on the LinkWall Suite page

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