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Password Policy Manager

Connectotel Password Policy Manager (PPM) for Novell Directory Services allows management of Password Policies for Novell Directory Services (NDS) users.

The Administration software is implemented as an NWAdmin or ConsoleOne snap-in for use with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. The User software is implemented as a client side snap-in for use with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

Password Policy Manager also includes support for Novell ConsoleOne, NT Domains, Internet/Intranet Web Users and Novell Portal Services.


Administrator interface
Password Policy Object


Password Policy Attribute for the Organization


User Interface
Changing the Password


Message indicating that the new password does not match the password policy


Message indicating that the new password has been accepted


Who is already using Password Policy Manager?
Just some of the sites already using this software to protect their networks:

Alliance Medical, US
American National Bank, US
Bay View Capital Corporation, US
Blue Cross, US
British Telecom, UK
C Hoare Bank, UK
Canadian Transport Agency, Canada
Compass Bank, US
Dart Transit, US
Department of Energy, US
Department of Defense, US
Farmers National Bank, US
First Federal Bank, US
First Mutual Bank, US
La Mondiale Partenaire, France
Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK
Office of the Attorney General, US
Old Second Nation Bank, US
Republic Bank & Trust Co, US
Rothschild, UK
Santa Clara District Attorney, US
Scottish Provident International, UK
The Brookings Institution, US
Vehicle Certification Agency, UK
Winterthur Life & Pensions, Switzerland

Pricing and Availability

For further information about Password Policy Manager, evaluation software and ordering, please contact Connectotel or one of our resellers:

DreamLAN (US and Canada)

Altman Technologies (UK and Europe)



Implementing Strong Passwords in an NDS environment - Novell Research AppNote, August 2000

Password Policy Manager Administrator Guide - Product documentation
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