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Novell ManageWise Resources
(Last updated 18 November 2002)
Novell ManageWiseŽ is an integrated set of management services that enables you to monitor and control your heterogeneous network environment. ManageWise lets you easily manage NetWareŽ servers, workstations, print queues and any Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capable devices. You can also manage Windows NT servers with the addition of ManageWise Agent for Windows NT Server. You can analyze network traffic, remotely control and manage networks and workstations, administer network applications, and prevent virus infiltration all from your workstation.

ManageWise automatically maps all network devices and provides a detailed inventory of each workstation and server on the network. It detects network trends and enables you to set thresholds on those trends. Alarms notify you if threshold limits are exceeded. ManageWise supports a wide range of industry standards, and more than 100 add-on applications are available from industry-leading third parties. ManageWise gives you the information you need to plan for network growth and to increase business productivity.

Technical Resources

ManageWise 2.5 Support Home Page

ManageWise 2.6 Support Home Page

ManageWise Documentation (online)

ManageWise Documentation (downloadable Acrobat files)

Third Party Solutions and Add-Ons for ManageWise

Novell Support Discussion Forums

ManageWise Downloadable Tools - from Novell Consulting

ManageWise Technical Documentation - from Novell Consulting

ManageWise Reviewer's Guide

Marketing Resources

ManageWise Home Page

ManageWise Success Stories

Books / Application Notes

Novell's ManageWise Administrator's Handbook - by Randi E. Constable (for ManageWise 2.1)

ManageWise 2.5 Configuration and Usage Tips, July 1998 - by Ross Ford

ManageWise 2.1 Configuration and Usage Tips, January 1997 - by Ross Ford

Using Seagate's Crystal Reports 6.0 with the ManageWise Inventory Database, May 1999 - by Sally Specker

Integrating ManageWise with E-mail, SMS, Pager and Fax, May 1999 - by Marcus Williamson

Novell BrainShare 1998 Presentations

(These presentations are in MS PowerPoint format)
ManageWise 2.5 Overview

Managing Your Network with ManageWise 2.5

Managing Networks with ManageWise IT

Deploying ManageWise 2.5 in the Enterprise

Novell BrainShare 1998 Presentations

Press Information

Novell ManageWise 2.7 Reduces Costs, Simplifies Management of Cross-Platform Environments (26 January 2000)

Novell ManageWise 2.6 Delivery (18 August 1998)

Novell ManageWise 2.6 Announcement (29 June 1998)

Novell ManageWise in the Press

Current Novell Press Releases

Novell Press Release Archive


Novell Home Page

Novell Support Home Page


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