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SMEM.EXE - SMEM, the Server Memory Calculator for Novell NetWare (DOS version)

REGMEM.EXE - REGISTER MEMORY Calculator for Novell NetWare (DOS version)

SERIALNO.ZIP - NetWare Loadable Module to determine NetWare Serial Number

SNLIST.EXE - Program to list serial numbers of all NetWare file servers on a network

WAITTILL.EXE - Program to delay execution of a DOS batch file until a certain time

WAITSECS.EXE - Program to pause a batch file for a certain number of seconds

INSHTM.EXE - Program to insert one HTML file into another HTML file

HTTPGET.NLM - NLM to download a file from a website

UNCOMPR.NLM - NLM to uncompress a GZ file

(For information on using HTTPGET.NLM and UNCOMPR.NLM see the Novell AppNote Using Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager)

RDFCONV.NLM - NLM to extract data from a DMOZ Open Directory Project RDF file


Novell NetWare 4 FAQ
120 Frequently Asked Questions about Novell NetWare 4 (Text)
Updated 20 June 1997

Novell NetWare 5 FAQ
31 Frequently Asked Questions about Novell NetWare 5 (Text)
Updated April 2001

Time Synchronization FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Time Synchronization in Novell NetWare (Word DOC format)
Updated April 2001

Frame Formats (Text)

IPX Packet Format (Text)

Login Script Identifiers for NetWare 4.10/4.11 (Text)

The Problem of File Ownership (Text)

Burst Mode Hot Start and Troubleshooting Guide (Text)

Articles in Novell AppNotes

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Novell BorderManager Resources - Links for Novell BorderManager users and potential users

Novell Resources - Links for Novell users and potential users

Novell ManageWise Resources - Links for Novell ManageWise users and potential users

SMS Information Page - Find out about possible applications for the GSM Short Message Service (SMS)

Networking Industry Web Pages - Links to the web pages for Networking manufacturers

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