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Novell NetWare 5 Resources
(Last updated 18 November 2002)

Technical Resources

NetWare 5 Support Home Page

Novell NetWare 5 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Novell NetWare 5 - Updated frequently

NetWare 5 online documentation

Novell Support Connection Discussion Forums

SMEMWIN - Server Memory Calculator - Find out how much memory you'll need for your NetWare 5 server

Public NTP Time Servers - For use with the NTP capability provided with NetWare 5


CNE 5 Study Guide: Update to NetWare 5
by Michael G. Moncur, et al

Mastering NetWare 5
by James E. Gaskin

Novell's CNA Study Guide for NetWare 5.0 With CDROM
by David James Clarke

Novell's Guide to Netware 5 Networks
by Jeffrey F. Hughes, Blair W. Thomas

Novell's Netware 5 Administrator's Handbook
by Kelley J.P. Lindberg

AppNotes / RFCs

Maintaining IPX Compatibility During a Migration to TCP/IP on a NetWare Network
Novell Research AppNotes, March 1998

What's New in the NetWare 5 Operating System?
Novell Research AppNotes, September 1998 (NetWare 5 Special Edition)

Migrating to Pure IP with NetWare 5
Novell Research AppNotes, September 1998

Enhancements to Novell Directory Services in NetWare 5
Novell Research AppNotes, October 1998

Enhancements to Storage Management Services (SMS) in NetWare 5
Novell Research AppNotes, November 1998

Automating the NetWare 5 Installation with a Response File
Novell Research AppNotes, December 1998

A Closer Look at Novell Licensing Services in NetWare 5
Novell Research AppNotes, January 1999

Using NTP with NetWare 5
Novell Research AppNotes, July 1999

DHCP Options for Novell Directory Services (NDS) (RFC 2241)

Network Time Protocol (NTP) (RFC 1305)

Service Location Protocol (SLP) (RFC 2165)

Marketing Resources

NetWare 5 Home Page

Novell Success Stories

Press Information

NetWare 5 Performance Shines in Keylabs tests (4 January 1999)

Novell Ships NetWare 5 (14 September 1998)

Novell and IBM Demonstrate Industry Leadership with NetWare 5 Tour (14 September 1998)

Novell Gathers Partners, CIOs to Launch New Era of Directory-Enabled Networks (14 September 1998)

World's Leading Application and Hardware Vendors Line Up Behind Novell's NetWare 5 (14 September 1998)

Novell Partner Press Releases on NetWare 5

Current Novell Press Releases

Novell Press Release Archive


Novell Home Page

Novell Support Home Page


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