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Novell ZENworks Resources
(Last updated 18 November 2002)
ZENworks is server-based, directory-enabled software that enables you to more efficiently manage your network's applications and Windows workstations, thus reducing network administration costs. ZENworks incorporates the technologies previously offered as Novell Application Launcher and Novell Workstation Manager, along with remote-control help request and troubleshooting solutions. The name ZENworks stands for Zero Effort Networks, because it reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining network PCs and delivers zero-effort networking for users.

With ZENworks, you can centrally create and manage policies and mandatory user profiles with the NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin) utility and Novell Directory Services (NDS). You can also centrally and automatically create hardware inventories for all your Windows NT and Windows 95 workstations in NDS. ZENworks provides the tools you need to distribute, manage, and update applications on your network's Windows-based workstations from a central location.

Technical Resources

ZENworks for Desktops Support Home Page

ZENworks for Desktops Documentation (online) - Requires Netscape Navigator 4+ or MS IE 4+

ZENworks Reviewers Guide - A very good guide to your first time installation of ZENworks

ZENworks Cool Solutions

Novell Consulting ZENworks toolkit

Novell Support Discussion Forums - Assistance with your ZENworks implementation from Novell Support Connection SysOps

Books / Application Notes / Articles

Desktop Management With Novell ZENworks - O'Reilly

Novell ZENworks Administrators Handbook - Novell Press

Taking the Pain Out of Windows NT Profiles and System Policies with Novell's ZENworks - Novell Research Application Notes, December 1999

Using ZENworks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - Novell Research Application Notes, November 1999

Using ZENworks to Distribute Windows NT Service Packs - Novell Research Application Notes, March 1999

Distributing Netscape Navigator Using Novell's ZENworks - Novell Research Application Notes, February 1999

Using ZENworks to Check Workstation Hardware for Year 2000 Compatibility - Novell Research Application Notes, January 1999

ZENDS Design for Large Sites: Implementing a Replicated ZEN Container - Novell Research Application Notes, November 1998

A ZENworks-Friendly Location Independence Strategy for NetWare Networks - Novell Research Application Notes, October 1998

Using ZENworks to Distribute and Manage Applications on a Network - Novell Research Application Notes, October 1998

NDS Design for ZENworks and NDS for NT - Novell Research Developer Notes, June 1998

An Introduction to ZENworks: Zero Effort Networking for Users - Novell Research Application Notes, May 1998

ZENworks and the Art of Desktop Management - Novell Research Developer Notes, April 1998

ZENworks Cool Solutions Featured Article

Marketing Resources

ZENworks Home Page

ZENworks White Paper

ZENworks Marketing FAQ

Novell BrainShare 1998 Presentations

(These presentations are in MS PowerPoint format)
An Overview of ZENworks/NAL 2.5

Desiging NDS for ZENworks and Windows NT

Overview and Implementation of ZENworks

Software Metering Integration with NAL and ZENworks

The Mechanics of ZENworks/NAL Application Distribution and Scheduling

Using ZENworks/NAL to Ensure Application Availibility

ZENworks/NAL and the Enterprise Network

ZENworks/NAL snAppShot Tool: The Inside Scoop

Zero Effort Networking Today with NDS: Don't Wait for Active Solutions Tomorrow

Novell BrainShare 1999 Presentations

(These presentations are in MS PowerPoint format)
Session Presentation Downloads

Press Information

Novell Delivers ZENworks for Servers - 7 March 2000

Novell Widens Desktop Management Lead with Directory-based ZENworks 2 - 28 June 1999

Novell Delivers ZENworks 1.1 with Industry-Leading Year 2000 Tool - 16 November 1998

Novell Ships ZENworks - 18 May 1998

Novell Announces ZENworks - 17 February 1998

Current Novell Press Releases

Novell Press Release Archive

Third Party Links
TheClyde's Novell ZENworks & NAL hints and tips page - by Craig Bennett - by Gary Busby


Novell Home Page

Novell Support Home Page


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